Traveling Experience

My name is Juan Adrada and I would like to introduce you to the philosophical travel program La ruta de las Civilizaciones. For more than thirty-five years, I have been doing a wide range of social and teaching work, giving classes and lectures on history, art and philosophy, and collaborating regularly with periodicals and radio programs.

I combine this cultural and humanistic vocation with my professional work as a tourism manager, a job I do with my wife Elvira Solano. Both of us have made of our passion for art and archaeology, a way of life that has led us to travel all over the world, taking photographs, filming documentaries and living all kinds of experiences, which have allowed us to gather an infinity of didactic material that is available to all of you who share our interest in the great civilizations of antiquity.

Throughout our lives we have traveled throughout the five continents, studying


 in depth the history and culture of the countries we visited, which we explored almost always in an adventurous and independent way.

This extensive personal experience has given us excellent references as efficient and innovative tour managers, who bring our own experience and added value to the organization and management of any trip.

Here is a sample of our adventures.

Selection of photos of our traveling experience

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