Programmed Circuits 2022-2023

Trip to Mexico and Yucatán

We will visit the city of Cancun, Tulum, Coba and its archaeological site, the city of Vallodolid, Merida, Chinchen Itza, the Mayan Riviera where we will enjoy the beaches of the Caribbean among many other places…

January, 2024

Trip to Easter Island and the Atacama Desert

We have scheduled a trip to Easter Island in 2024, the easternmost island of Polynesia, where we will be able to participate in its natural beauty and its mysterious ancestral culture of the Rapa Nui people, whose most notable vestiges correspond to the enormous statues known as moai. We will visit the village of Orongo, the Ahu temples of Akahanga, Tongariki, Vinapu and Tahai, among others, Anakena beach, the Rano Kao volcano and the Rano Raraku volcano and its quarries, where all the Moai on the island were carved. We will complement this trip in the American continent, with a visit to Santiago de Chile, the Santa Lucia hill, the Plaza de Armas and the historical centre of the city. We will continue our trip in San Pedro de Atacama, from where we will travel through the Atacama Desert, visiting the Valley of the Moon, the Valley of Death, the Kari viewpoint, the Tatío geysers and the historic towns of Tulor and Quitor, among many other things that we detail in the itinerary.


Trip to Egypt

Thought to travel in depth our spiritual homeland. We will discover Cairo and its museums, the pyramids of Giza and Sakara, and the archaeological remains of the Old Kingdom. Then a luxury cruise on the Nile to visit the temples of Luxor and the Valley of the Kings, Edfu, Kom Ombo, Aswan and the island of Philae, and finish at the mythical temples of Abu Simbel.

From January 10 to 19, 2022

Trip to Greece

On our trip to Greece we will visit emblematic places like Athens, Cape Sunion, Delphi, Mycenae and others. Epidaurus, where the Sanctuary of Asclepius and the Theater of Epidaurus is located, is famous for its natural acoustics, a unique work of the fourth century BC. C. We also visit the monasteries of Meteora, a religious and monastic center built between the 12th and 18th centuries. Among other things…

From May 17 to 27, 2022