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Our agency specialises in organising regular group trips for associations, companies, special interest groups, schools, family celebrations, museums, cultural and fine arts organisations. We are also famous for our adventure tours, through jungles or deserts. We will help you create exactly the right holiday for you and your group. Our service is tailored to your individual needs. And if you wish, we can also produce your brochures, itineraries and marketing material.

We tour all over the world, although it goes without saying that our area of particular expertise is Egypt, where our contacts are second to none. We can provide you with any itinerary you would like to do, or work with you to create something exciting and unique together, to suit your group’s preferences.

We work with some of the most prestigious cultural and social organisations, both in Spain and abroad, who regularly travel with us to the most varied destinations in the world. The cost of your trip can include flights, transfers and accommodation or absolutely everything, including sightseeing tours and guides.


The companies and institutions that regularly travel with us appreciate what our professionals do for them prior to the trip, during the rigorous preparation of the itinerary and services. But where our unique style is really appreciated is during the expedition in the destination country, where we go out of our way to personally attend to the needs of each member of the group. We work to provide our travellers with an exciting and unique experience, which revitalises the enthusiasm and the relationship of the group members with the institution organising the event.

We create itineraries that are especially rich in content, while at the same time we take care of the entertainment with complementary activities, programmed to enhance the feeling of a shared experience and a fun trip. This greatly favours human relations and bonding between participants. Whether it is a trip to the great cultural destinations of the world or a more daring adventure in inaccessible jungles or deep deserts, we will create something that your institution will be talking about for years to come.

We are very flexible about the number of participants that can make up the group, and we treat small groups as well as large ones with the same attention to detail. If the group is very large, we can divide it into smaller guided groups, to facilitate the enjoyment of the visits in comfort. We have individual tuners for each traveller, which bring the explanations of our guides to your headphones with complete clarity. We are also happy to cater for any age range.


Our group trips vary from logistically complex trips for large organisations to small groups of friends with a common interest. Each and every one receives the same attention to detail. There is no limit to what kind of group tour we can arrange for you, including religious pilgrimages, sporting events and just about anything else. We are always fascinated to know what the special interest of each group is.


We plan our trips down to the last detail in order to meet the expectations of the most demanding societies, and to be able to reach any corner of the world to get to know the great cultural and artistic achievements of mankind from the most remote antiquity to the present day. We can count on all the necessary comforts and safety, and at the same time experience the sensation of a great adventure, which will take us to the most beautiful and famous archaeological sites, cities, museums and monuments, where you and your associates will be able to enjoy a unique and exciting experience.

Ride through the Siq Gorge to the royal tombs of Petra; sail the Ganges at dawn and watch funeral ceremonies in Varanasi; explore the Forbidden City of the Chinese emperors in Beijing; tour the museums, churches and palaces of Russia’s ancient tsars; climb the Potala to dream of the ancient wisdom of Tibet’s masters; travel through the underground tunnels of Hermopolis, where thousands of sacred ibis were mummified in the deserts of Middle Egypt; explore the jungles of Cambodia to discover the Bhagavad Gita represented in the temples of Angkor; follow Alexander’s footsteps to Persepolis and watch the eternal flames of the Bhagavad Gita represented in the temples of Angkor; follow Alexander’s footsteps to Persepolis and watch the eternal flames of the temples of Angkor; to enter the jungles of Cambodia to discover the Bhagavad Gita represented in the temples of Angkor; to follow Alexander’s footsteps to Persepolis and contemplate the eternal flames of the Mazdeist temples in Iran; to climb the Mayan pyramids of Tikal, lost among the lush vegetation of the jungle in Guatemala; to follow the trail of Menelik and the Ark of the Covenant to the cave churches of Ethiopia; to sail with Ulysses through the Aegean islands…

Extraordinary tours that we can make a reality in the company of our expert guides, in exclusive groups, far from the overcrowding and rush of conventional trips, and that combine an adequate price with the best accommodation, exceptional services and specialised explanations to have the best possible experience in these cultural destinations that are our speciality.


In our company we are very aware of the role that educational tours can play in student life. We offer tours for students of Ancient History and Archaeology, as well as cultural and artistic visits throughout Europe and the World, tailored to the pace and tastes of young people. We can work with your student curriculum and create a tour that combines educational content with the security of a modern cultural experience. We can also provide training and teaching materials for the educators accompanying the group, so that they can organise complementary activities at the school before the trip, or provide their own views and comments during the visits, previously documented in advance.


If you lead a photography group we can tailor any itinerary to make it a great photo tour. We do the research to find you almost perfect landscapes and places to photograph. We make sure our trips are entertaining, relaxing as well as a wonderful way to learn. You will have an expert guide at all times so you can concentrate fully on your group.


Whether it is for your own society or a way to support another organisation, our agency’s group tours can be an effective way to raise funds. We usually agree a capitation fee paid for each passenger who books the tour. Our clients have been able to raise thousands of euros each year in this way and enjoy a wonderful trip in the process. We can advise you on how to set up a fundraising trip, or work with you to organise your own operation. We can also provide you with a tour manager during the trip or even your own archaeologist to accompany the tour if required, which will give your trip the added value you need for your project.


It can be a wedding anniversary, a special birthday or even a family reunion. Our professional agents are ready to make your event special. Our clients include groups of friends who travel with us all the time and we can cater to almost any taste. We can provide you with a tour of the best a country has to offer, followed by a relaxing beach holiday extension. We have organised Nile cruises, wildlife safaris, family diving holidays and, of course, our speciality: explorations of the world’s great ancient sites.


Our groups always have private, air-conditioned transport with every comfort, from the airport to the hotel and everywhere in between throughout the tour. There’s no waiting for another group to join you, no need to travel to a dozen hotels along the way to pick up other passengers, no need to worry about the safety of your luggage and personal possessions.


It depends on how many days you want to be away, what kind of holiday you would like, the number of free places required and how many places you would like to visit. We are very competitive and, considering everything we generally include in our trips, ours is very good value for money. Our unusual itineraries are not matched by any other agency.


All you need to do is contact us and provide us with some general information about your preferences and we will do the rest. You can contact us by any of the following means:

Phone: +34 965 162 742
Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram: +34 695 580 851

Or through our social networks:


Of course you can! You can use one of the free places for your group and do the same tour before the rest of the travellers, if you want to check out the hotels, facilities and places to visit. The cost you pay for your research trip will be deducted from the total group price on departure.


All our quotations include buffet breakfast at the hotels, and many of the midday meals, to facilitate the pace of the visits. During the Nile cruises, meals are on a full board basis. Additional lunches or dinners can be included during the trip according to your wishes.


We can help you with this if required, preparing marketing sheets for your trip and itinerary brochures for your passengers. We can even put your tour on our website and social media, to attract additional members to your society or group as part of the programme. We can also incorporate your own branding or logo on all publications, if you wish to give your tour a more professional image. We are guided by your wishes in every detail and work tirelessly to create the most appropriate image for your expedition.


Once the itinerary has been agreed and the marketing material has been created, our company does all the work. We take care of individual bookings for all participants, invoicing of services and distribution of brochures and itineraries. Once the tour has started, our staff at the destination will take care of everything, liaising with ground services, transport, hotels and cruise lines, ensuring the acquisition of entrance tickets or special permits to visit all scheduled sites.

We take care of any operational issues during each day’s activities. Our job is to look after your group and especially you, so you can relax and concentrate on looking after your group members during the trip. Our excellent specialist guides are there to respond to any requests you may have during the tour.

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