Optional Cancellation Insurance

Optional Cancellation Insurance


1. The guarantee related to expenses for cancellation of the trip is the one related in this article, and it is valid from the moment that the Company receives the notification of inclusion of the Insured by the Policyholder, and it will end at the moment of the beginning of the trip ( boarding in the means of collective transport used in the trip). The guarantee will not be valid if it is not contracted at the same time as the trip covered by the insurance.

2. The Company will be responsible for the reimbursement of travel cancellation expenses incurred by the Insured and billed by application of the general sales conditions of its provider, provided that it cancels the trip before the start of the trip and for one of the following causes:

a) Sickness or serious bodily injury or death:

– Of the Insured, or their spouses, children, parents, grandparents, brothers, in-laws, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law and brothers-in-law.
– Of the person in charge during the trip of the custody, in the habitual residence, of the minor or diminished children.
– Of the professional substitute of the Insured, as long as it is essential that the position or responsibility must then be assumed by the Insured.

b) Calls, as a party, witness or jury of a Tribunal, unless they knew about it prior to contracting the trip. An original copy of the judicial or administrative summons will be presented.

c) Serious damages caused by fire, explosion, theft or by the force of Nature, in their habitual or secondary residence or in their own or rented professional premises that made them uninhabitable or at serious risk of causing greater damages that justify indispensable form his presence.

d) Professional dismissal of the Insured, not disciplinary. In any case, this contract must have been signed before the communication from the company to the worker.

e) Cancellation of the person who has to accompany the Insured on the trip, registered at the same time as the Insured, and insured by this same contract, provided that the cancellation has its origin in one of the causes listed above. If the Insured decides to travel alone, the additional expenses will be covered as an Individual Supplement.

f) Incorporation to a new job in a different company, with an employment contract and as long as the incorporation takes place after joining the insurance, and which was not known on the date of accession.

g) Call for presentation to examinations of Official Oppositions, received after joining the insurance.

h) Acts of aerial, land or naval piracy, which make it impossible for the insured to start the trip covered by the insurance.

i) Theft of documentation or luggage that makes it impossible for the initial insured to travel, as long as it occurs at home, up to 48 hours before the start of the trip.

j) Knowledge after the hiring of the stay of the tax obligation to make a parallel declaration of the Income Tax, whose quota to liquidate exceeds 100,000 ptas. (€ 601.01).

k) The delivery in adoption of a child.

l) The non-granting of visas for unjustified reasons.

m) Forced transfer of work for a period exceeding three months.

n) The unexpected call for surgical intervention.

o) Medical quarantine.

p) The declaration of catastrophic zone in the place of residence of the insured or place of destination of the trip.

q) Obtaining a stay similar to the one contracted in a public drawing before a notary.

r) Police retention of the insured for non-criminal reasons.

s) Psychic or mental illnesses that require more than seven days of hospitalization or internment.

3. As a Serious Illness, in addition to what is stated in II DEFINITIONS, the alteration of the health verified by a medical professional will be understood and, in the opinion of the medical team of the Company, forces the patient to remain in bed and implies the cessation of any professional or private activity.