Independent Travellers

Not everyone is able to travel on the dates we offer, and sometimes prefer to travel privately with very few family or friends, or even on their own. Viajes por el Mundo Independent Traveller  is a service for those clients who prefer not to travel with an organised group, but rather individually or with close family and friends. Perhaps you would like to design your own holiday. Give us your “wish list” of places you would like to visit in the country of your choice. Our agency will be happy to help you create your dream holiday. Even the special services that apply to our groups, can be applied to your private holiday as well, with unique access to some of the most inaccessible and exciting places.

In our company you can find the best holidays available at a price that suits you. Every detail is taken care of by the most experienced and best trained professionals.

We can arrange local guides, private drivers and cope with almost any special request. We have developed a lot of experience to satisfy the most demanding travellers. And more often than not, our Independent Traveller service achieves prices very close to those of an organised group tour.

Year after year, clients from all over the world return to our services to take advantage of our attention to detail and personal care. Join the growing bandwagon of independent travellers.


Well, in short, as our name suggests, anywhere in the world! Call us and tell us where you want to go and we will work on your proposal with the utmost dedication. You can also take advantage of our special rates and consider one of the following destinations, in which we are specialists: Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Malta, European capitals, Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, India, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, China or any of the major museum collections in the world.
You will have total peace of mind about the quality of your tour, thanks to the exquisite work of the best tour managers, with twenty-five years of professional experience. Especially in Egypt, no one has the experience and contacts of our agency, as our wonderful itineraries and the excellent feedback from our passengers repeatedly prove.


Our aim is to show you the most iconic sites in each country, and then give you that extra touch that makes the trip a unique experience. We add to the core of a country’s best sites, places out of the ordinary that other tour companies simply don’t do. You will see places that not even many archaeologists have been able to see. Let us provide you with unforgettable experiences in an exceptional environment and in the company of like-minded people.


We are famous for visiting places that other travel companies can’t get to. With our excellent relationships with many of the world’s antiquities organisations, we can gain private access to wonderful sites, which may have been closed to the public for years. There is nothing like the atmosphere of a temple or tomb specially opened for you, and explained by a local inspector who shares his experience and work at the site.


Our transfers are always private and our service is of the highest quality, but we can tailor any service to your needs and preferences. The standard of transport, accommodation and meals can vary according to your budget. We will always do what you ask for. In general, we operate in Four and Five Star hotels and cruises at very affordable prices, as contracts with our travel partners provide us with very special rates. One of our most iconic accommodations in Luxor is the luxurious Winter Palace Hotel, an Edwardian-style hotel steeped in history.