Egypt Recommendations

A passport with a validity of at least six months is essential. Our staff will help you to apply for a visa at the airport when you arrive in Egypt. They must fill out the immigration cards that will be provided by the airline personnel during the flight before arrival at the destination. Do not forget to pick up your passport at the end of your stay at each hotel and cruise.

The official currency in Egypt is the Egyptian Pound. The approximate value of one euro is 7.70 L.E, but the price varies constantly. The euros are accepted in all Egyptian banks, they can also take US dollars (USD). The use of credit cards is common in almost all shops and hotels, as well as some cruises.

In Arabic it is called “Backchich” and we will hear this word at all times, as they constantly ask for it and for any reason: open the door of a taxi or accompany us to some supposedly remote and unknown monument. Tips in hotels and cruises are not included, being frequent that they request them.

To facilitate the realization of many additional services that will make for the group throughout all the days of travel, we will gather a fund of 45.00 euros per person for tips, which will meet at the moment of arriving in Egypt. This fund will include tips for: porters at Cairo, Luxor and Aswan airports; porters in Cairo and Luxor hotels; bellboys and waiters in Cairo and Luxor hotels; bus drivers in Cairo, Luxor, Aswan and Abu Simbel; guards and police in all the monuments visited; restaurants in Cairo; feluccas in Aswan; boats on the Island of Philae; porters in the ports of Luxor and Aswan when embarking and disembarking from the cruise; room service during the cruise; officers, machinists, waiters, cooks, receptionists, musicians and general staff of the ship and all those that are necessary.

Gathering this fund disregards everyone on this issue, lowers the cost, speeds up the waiting time and avoids the continual obligation to carry loose money in small bills for all the opportunities in which you have to give the many tips that are necessary. In these 45 euros does not include the tip to the local guide of Hispanic hala that accompanies us every day. This tip is voluntary and is only recommended if we are satisfied with the service received. It is estimated at around 10 euros per person.

The two main religions of Egypt are Coptic Christianity and Islam, but almost all religions of Judeo-Christian origin are represented. The most numerous religious group is Islam. The Islamic religion was founded by Muhammad in the year 609 in Mecca.

The official language is Arabic. There are two, the cult and the street. The second language is English and practically everyone speaks it. It is relatively easy to find people who speak Castilian in stores.

The baggage allowance is twenty kilos and any excess has an additional fee. Only a handbag or small suitcase is allowed inside the plane. Losses or breakages of luggage during flights are the sole responsibility of the airlines and must be declared at the airport when disembarking from the plane. To be able to recover lost luggage or obtain compensation from the insurance company, it is essential to present the original airline ticket and the baggage claim. The use of identification cards is highly recommended.

Especially in summer, you have to wear very comfortable and light clothing, preferably cotton. Pants, shirts and light dresses. The footwear must be strong but fresh, very comfortable. At the cruise dinners, you dress more formally, but you do not need a label. Do not forget a sweater or jacket for the nights that can be very cool. The swimsuit and sunglasses are also useful. Still, do not exaggerate carrying too much luggage, because the staterooms of the motor ships are smaller than hotel rooms and being loaded with too many suitcases can become a nuisance. A hat or hat is essential for visits to monuments, especially in the south, during the cruise.

In Egypt you can buy magnificent handicrafts, among which the hand-decorated papyri with Egyptian motifs stand out. You have to be careful with the imitations, made in palm leaf and silkscreen, and that are usually much cheaper.
Of course, another of the most famous purchases that can be made in Egypt are its magnificent gold jewelry. These must be done in guaranteed places so that the gold has a minimum quality of 18 carats. You can also buy alabaster at a good price, silks, linen, blown glass, carved wood, carpets …

In Egypt you can buy any photographic material you need, but it is always preferable to bring from Spain all you think you need and a little more, because in Egypt it is much more expensive.

Egypt is a country with a rich gastronomy. We dare to recommend the following dishes: Mojoleya (vegetable soup cooked in broth of meat or chicken with pepper, garlic and rice), Kebah (roasted lamb meat served on skewers), Kofta (grilled lamb meatballs) and Fatta (cooked meat with rice and bread).
Alcoholic beverages are prohibited by Islam and are very expensive for Europeans. The best Egyptian beer is Stella and a half-liter bottle can cost up to 40 pounds (about 5 euros). Other alcoholic beverages, such as champagne, can reach unreasonably high prices. We recommend you check the amount before requesting any alcoholic beverage. The drinks are never included in the restaurants or during the cruise.

It is advisable to call by phone from the hotel room, although it is a bit expensive. You can also buy prepaid phone cards for cell phones.
In Egypt you can use mobile phones brought from Spain. Before traveling, it is advisable to request information from the telephone operator that we have hired about the international mobile telephone service. Our guides are always equipped with mobile phones that allow the location of any person in the group at all times.

If you want to send postcards to Spain, the best place to do it is to receive the hotels.

No type of vaccination is required to travel to Egypt, although certain precautions must be taken into account, especially with water, unpeeled fruit and raw vegetables. Do not drink tap water to which our body is not used, only bottled water. Do not forget the personal kit. It is also advisable to include a product against intestinal disorders that, if present, are usually mild and disappear in a short time. Do not forget anti-mosquito lotion and sun protection.

There are usually no exaggerated problems of theft or common crime. All hotels have a safe in case they wish to deposit any valuable item. There is a tourist police that informs and helps in case of any eventuality.

El transporte público más recomendable en El Cairo son los taxis. Hay que fijar el precio de antemano y un trayecto de unos quince minutos no debería sobrepasar las veinte libras. Los precios más caros se fijan para ir a las Pirámides de Giza y suele costar unas cincuenta libras.

The current is alternating, 220 V and 110 V depending on how modern the installation is, although in the hotels they are usually 220 V. The plugs are of the European type.

The north coast has a Mediterranean climate with an average rainfall of 18 mm. This climate is maintained along the Nile Delta. Cairo and southern Egypt are located in the most arid area, where there is hardly any rain. The nights are cool and the days are very hot. In recent years the humidity has increased considerably in Cairo and summer nights can be a little uncomfortable.