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Trips with Philosophy, specially programmed for members, family members and
Friends of the New Acropolis Cultural Association around the world.

For all those who want to travel independently, we suggest some circuits organized by our receptives around the world, which you can do individually, as a couple, with family or friends.

In this section you can see photos of the last trips we have made. You will see that we have no limits and we cover almost all continents. Tell us what is the trip of your dreams and we will make it come true. 

You can request information in our EMail info@larutadelascivilizaciones.com and we will send you an answer to all your questions and doubts. If you want to register in one of our trips or circuits visit the following link:

Dreams come true

Trips planned to the last detail to have all the necessary comforts and safety, these trips will allow us to experience the sensation of a great adventure, which will take us to explore seas, jungles, mountains and deserts.

Ride through the Siq gorge to the royal tombs of Petra; navigate the Ganges at sunrise and contemplate the funeral ceremonies in Benares; explore the Forbidden City of the Chinese emperors in Beijing; tour the churches, museums and palaces of the old Russian czars; ascend to the Potala to dream of the ancestral wisdom of the masters of Tibet; tour the underground tunnels of Hermopolis, where thousands of sacred ibises were mummified in the deserts of Middle Egypt; We enter the jungles of Cambodia to discover the Bagavad Gita inscribed in the temples of Angkor Vat.

Follow the footsteps of Alexander to Persepolis and contemplate the eternal flames of the Mazdean temples in Iran; climb the Mayan pyramids of Tikal, lost among the tropical vegetation of Guatemala; pursue the trail of Menelik and the Ark of the Covenant to the rock churches of Ethiopia; sail with Ulysses touring the islands of the Aegean …

Dreams that we can make reality in the company of our philosophers, in exclusive groups, away from the crowds and rush of conventional travel, and that combine an affordable price with good accommodations, exceptional services and specialized explanations at the level of what we expect in these destinations and almost never obtain, since for the explanations we will choose bilingual Spanish-English local guides, as well as in other languages from a minimum number of participants.

Guides specialized in the history and symbolism of the destinations we are going to visit, in addition to always having our own specialists for explanations that go beyond what the guides can contribute.

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